The real crescendo of Song Sessions comes when the final line of the song is written and a brand new musical creation that did not exist at the beginning of the keynote is performed with the group and they get to experience the impact of their work, and their story, in the context of an inspirational and tightly crafted 3-4 minute song.

The storytelling, the craft and techniques used by professional composers to condense and communicate a powerful, unforgettable message are the skills that will be specifically applied to your messaging needs within the context of your next meeting or corporate retreat leaving your group with these huge takeaways:

  • The EXPERIENCE of writing a song with Grammy winning composers.


  • The easy to apply CURRICULUM that will raise the level of all of your collaborative efforts.


  • The IMAGERY exercises that will breathe new and memorable life into stale corporate language and worn out buzz words.


  • The pure ENTERTAINMENT value of seeing and hearing award winning songwriters perform for you some of the hits they helped create.


  • An ORIGINAL SONG created in real time by your group that will indelibly drive home the core messaging of your event, and continue to live on as a unique musical and lyrical creation. This will be a positive and powerful touch point way beyond the life of just the event itself.
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